What’s It All About?

And that’s a fair question, when you’re thinking of seeing a play.  So here forthwith are the synopses of our four brand new plays for this year.  Congratulations to the writers on having their work selected (especially when you consider the fact that we had 63 plays submitted in all!)

Thursday 3rd May

Little Shining Eyes by Poppy Hollman: “We’re killers, Manny. And the thing I can’t get over is the arrogance. We think we can shape things as we want them. We wipe out whole families, colonies, species. The arrogance of humanity – it’s staggering.” Nathan has been a pest control officer for over 30 years. But now he’s had an epiphany, and he’s secretly harbouring a colony of rats in the loft.

Twistfinger by David Howgego: It’s psychic night at the Dog and Duck, “The Great Mary Smith”, a famous medium, is appearing. Things are not what they seem… a much darker side to these popular events is revealed as the audience is confronted by Twistfinger, an evil demon posing as her spirit guide.


Friday 4th May

Keeping by Simon Marshall: In sleepy Derbyshire divorced hairdresser, Suzanne, has decided to take it upon herself to cater for her ex-husband’s mum’s funeral. Her son, Jason, is back from university and isn’t sure what to make of it all…

Forty-Two Times Around the Sun by C. Pike: Samuel is in his late forties and has been imprisoned in the home of his Aunt Ena since birth. The outside world, according to Aunt Ena, is overpopulated to the point where there is no square inch of land that does not have a human standing on it.