Well, that was joyous.

Rehearsal shot: Michael David and Samantha Turner

What a blast we had at our first StageWrite since 2020. Being back in the rehearsal room and on stage has been a tonic. Huge thanks to our cast, directors, technician, audience, The Place Theatre and of course the writers. Both Karen and Niall were there to see their work on its feet and both said how amazed they were at how far we had got in such a short space of time – it really is extraordinary how the scripts pop into bloom as soon as they’re off the page and the immediate, visual experience of seeing something in performance suddenly makes you realise what they can become. There was lots of humour in these two pieces, and we’ve enjoyed playing with those moments and starting to draw in the detail of each of the characters.

If you came out to see what was on offer, thanks so much for supporting us. This type of event is fairly niche and doesn’t tend to draw in big crowds, but we keep doing it because it’s important for writers and for the future of theatre, and because we love making something fun and brilliant happen so quickly.

And what happens after each StageWrite? Well, we three producers (me, Cally and Phil) always debrief and have a think about how we can take take the whole venture forward. Once we have chatted we’ll update you!