They think it’s all over…it is now!


As I type, there are only 2 days in which to get StageWrite submissions to us for this year’s festival.  Just to let you in on how things are looking at StageWrite HQ – we’re very excited to have over 50 scripts at the moment, and wondering how on earth we will manage to select the four we need for the festival.

This year, we’ve taken things in a slightly different direction and are going to run two nights of double bills instead of four.  One of the pieces featured will be a fully realised production, with the other three still being script-in-hand.  Reducing the length of the festival allows us to spend a bit more time on development, looking to see how one or more of the pieces could be taken further afield for future performances.  We hope it will also give us the chance to build some ongoing relationships with writers who may be keen to work with us in the longer term.

It’s all happening at The Place Theatre on 3rd and 4th May.  We’ll keep you posted with details of the selected pieces.