Photo credit: Markus Winkler

I bet you’d like a bit of a heads up about about what you would be coming to see, if you’re thinking of buying your ticket to StageWrite on Saturday 5th March. Yeah?

Look no further…

Spin City’ by Karen Bartholomew

It’s Monday afternoon and there’s not much going on besides a robbery and chores at Spin City Laundrette. Margaret has health issues that could be better addressed. Jud hates his job and his Dad. Teddy just lost his job and maybe his wife and Lol thinks the world owes her an educational right. A comedy of morals, dilemmas and a slightly inappropriate Police Officer in waiting. 

Make Love, Not Greenpeace’ by Niall McCarthy 

Four young eco-terrorists are held and interrogated by the police after attempting to burn down a hydro-electric plant. Together they must decide between giving up their comrades or facing their fate in prison, all the while aware that any one of them could be a rat.