Secure the ornaments, Baldrick. We’ve made our selection…

b600d5999f850daff6a6665b5ad3975c3d6debeaYes, in the words of the eponymous hero, Baldrick, secure the ornaments, we’ve made our selection.  And what a selection it is!  I haven’t been this excited since… well, since this time last year, I suppose!  After weeks, nay months of reading and pondering we made our very difficult decision.  I know, I say it every year, but this year we really did have our work cut out for us as the standard was exceptionally high.  Trying to wheedle 53 great plays down to 8 was one of the toughest things the team has done, and I’ve raised 3 kids so that’s saying something.  As a writer myself, it’s always hard to receive those rejection emails and I’ve had plenty.  But we pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off and start the process all over again.  So before I talk about the line up for this year, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who submitted work to us this year.  I am always conscious of what a privilege it is for us to be trusted with people’s precious work.  So thank you for submitting and I am genuinely sorry we couldn’t select them all.

So here’s the line up for this year:

Wednesday 9th March 
Comfortable by Edwin Preece
The Chat by Clare Knights

Thursday 10th March 
Accident of Birth – Trevor Suthers
Care – Lucy Flannery

Friday 11th March 
Responsible Product – Christopher Loft
Odds Against – Adam Hughes

Saturday 12th March 
Lions – David Weir
Captain Wonderful – Mark Hibbett

We will be doing a series of interview posts with the all the writers involved over the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for those.

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????For the first time this year we are also running a school’s competition alongside StageWrite, where we are offering the chance for one Bedfordshire student in years 11 – 13 to submit a 15 minute script.  It will go through the same rigorous selection process and will then be included in Saturday night’s line up.  We are really excited to be able to work, inspire and develop the next generation of playwrights so if you know of anyone who might be interested, please do direct them to the website for more details.  Just be aware the closing date is fast approach as submissions for students need to be in by 12th February.

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