Scripts, scripts, scripts

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters


Autumn is here and that can only mean one thing…

That’s right… it’s submission time.  StageWrite is open for submissions for 2018 and they’re already well under way.  For us here at StageWrite HQ the submission of people’s work is the one thing that gets us through those long winter months and those cold dark evenings.  Well, that and gin…

After another unsuccessful bid last year for funding from the Arts Council we had the annual conversation over whether this was really something we could keep doing with no money, everyone working their butts off for free and, unsurprisingly, like every year we came to the decision that of course we would run it.  We are mixing it up a little this year though so, instead of the usual four nights we are only running for two and putting on four plays instead of eight.

Now the exciting news here is it looks like we have got a little funding from our friends at Sputnik who recently started a patronage scheme of which we will be one of the first beneficiaries.  Assuming that people sign up and donate – I’m trusting they will because we’re awesome and so are the other three projects being supported – this will allow us to realise one of the scripts more fully with a longer rehearsal period and the actors to be ‘off scripts’ for it because we’ll actually be able to pay them!!

Through StageWrite’s home, The Place Theatre, we are also looking to make links with other regional theatres to see if we can start to move work along after StageWrite.  We have become conscious over recent months that we have a great time with the plays and the writers over StageWrite week but we often don’t get to experience the life that the play has after StageWrite and how the process has helped the writers to develop their work.  By getting other venues on board we hope to be able to be an integral part of the play’s life after StageWrite.

Well that’s our news for the time being – writers, we want your scripts.  Make sure you get them to us by 31st January for consideration in 2018’s festival and give us something constructive to do over these winter months.  For the submission brief just click here.