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Here’s all the info you need to plan your StageWrite 2019 experience…

Thursday 9th May Bedford/Saturday 18thMay London

A.D.A.M. by Lewis Wood  Victor is brilliant.  He’s successfully building artificial intelligence.  But his mental health affects both his ability to cope, and his key relationships with friends Elizabeth and Henry.  A.D.A.M. is a modern adaptation of the Frankenstein story, where Victor has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

We Are Stronger Together by Matthew Fisher  The British Government has failed to keep its citizens safe. The terrorist group, Unity, has invaded the country. Letum and Sancus, formally just ‘numbers’, are now two of the group’s elite, and Letum is starting to question the morals of Unity and its Commander.  Along their way they meet Sarah, Jeff and Peter.  Do they pose a threat, or are they just trying to survive?

Friday 10thMay Bedford/Friday 17thMay London

The Murder of the Servants by Martin Keady   Lomax and Hendry serve the King.  Their job is to keep him safe and watch over his bed chamber. Lomax is committed to diligence and reputation, while Hendry is, well, a little more laid back.  But both know that all hell will break loose if either of them is caught with blood on their hands…  ‘The Murder of the Servants’ is the story of Duncan’s servants in ‘Macbeth’, framed for the murder of the King.

Play Lady K by Anne Atkins  The Withers are a clergy family living in a vicarage.  It’s the weekend of Kate’s hen party and her girlfriends will be staying overnight, as well as one close male friend from university, James, who is required to wear drag for the weekend to pass as a hen. Meanwhile, Kate’s ultra-respectable fiancé, Robert, has been set up to arrive at the vicarage as the buff butler, from an entirely spurious company called Butlers in Balaclavas – so that he won’t be recognised, of course.  What could possibly go wrong..?!


Ticket prices: £8 (£6 concessions). Book online:

Tickets not yet on sale on Stanley Halls web site at time of posting.  Please keep checking!