Plays for 5th March 2022 announced

Photo credit: Ron Fung

YES!!! Decision made.

Phil, Cally and I – StageWrite’s producers – have had a rare old time trying to decide which two plays will feature at our next StageWrite on Saturday 5th March. Now, to put this into perspective, you need to know that we received 113 submissions this time, which is by far the most ever! At our last meeting, several cups of tea in, we finally selected and I am delighted to announce that ‘SPIN CITY’ by Karen Bartholomew and ‘MAKE LOVE NOT GREENPEACE’ by Niall McCarthy are the pair of theatrical treasures we’ll be presenting for you.

Well done to Karen and Niall, and thank you to all those who submitted. Special mention to our other shortlisted writers, who are (in no particular order): Andrew Sharpe, Callum Murray, James Rushbrooke, Henry Waddon, Drew Hewitt, Jack Gallagher, James Woolf, Jonathon Stearn, Jeff Gallagher, Richard Woulfe, Sam Potter & William Patterson.

StageWrite happens at The Place Bedford and a quick visit to the website will mean you can have a look at the What’s On page and get tickets for this ruddy lovely event

It’s so good to be back! And in case you didn’t know, StageWrite doesn’t receive funding, so everyone involved – us as producers, our casts, directors and tech – are doing it for the sheer joy it affords us. It definitely wouldn’t happen without a brilliant team around us and we are really grateful for all their time and energy. A big shout out also to The Place Bedford for their continued support and for hosting StageWrite in such a brilliant theatre.