March StageWrite – plays announced

Now then!

We, producers of StageWrite – that’s me (Harri), Cally and Phil – are delighted to be able to announce the two selected plays for Saturday 14th March.  They are:

Man Rat Mink by Peter Eyre

“This is hopeless.  We should have had a plan.”  Ryan, Amy and Becca are on a rescue mission, trying to do the right thing.  The only thing is, they’re doing it really, really badly… This comedy focuses on what happens when three people’s best intentions go awry, and throws an annoyed security guard into the mix for good measure.

Whipped by Scott Younger

“I just mean…maybe she’ll give him some direction.  He’s always been a bit…aimless.”

Nick’s pretty smitten with new girlfriend Isy, and it looks like Isy feels the same.  Josh and Abbey, Nick’s friends since childhood, try to navigate the new dynamic in their close friendship circle.  Something tells them there’s trouble in paradise.

Thank you to everyone who submitted scripts, and congratulations to Peter and Scott.  They’ll be in attendance on the night, ready to answer your questions or take comments about their work.

Tickets available here