Innuendos and a Full circle.

Last night in Domino, we sat onlooking a tin can train ride, that had been brought to an abrupt halt, after young Mike Towner jumped in front of the carriage. Creating a Domino effect,

DSC_2703We meet an eclectic mix of people for sure, whose day he ruins. Similarly with Wednesday night, we meet a cupful of subtle stereotypes. The yout of Britain, about to be a dad(Duarte). A well spoken single mother/business woman(Janette). The middle aged cab driver (Pete) who knows the roads of London, better than a marmite sandwich in a veggies hands. We’re also introduced to a ‘happy’ family man (Ben. Mike’s long not seen brother) and a married woman (Sarah) and a quiet choir instructor (Carol). DSC_2709We find that every character is linked with Mike. Some in more ways than most. Through blood, sexually, financially, accidentally and coincidentally.
It was an elegiacal play. The message that all people are linked was achieved, and was served on a silver plate.


DSC_4308Second part of the evening we were taken to Bliss Gym, where we meet Dan, a tired of working in London facilities assistant, and fresh off the street receptionist Amelia. Who doesn’t quite know what she had let herself into. We meet a handful of mean girls, Mel, the wannabe manager, drunk on self-made importance. Sophia, an aristocratic bourgeoise, who believes she owns the place.

DSC_4339Chelsea, who is the daughter of a well-to-do  business man, who is on her gap YAH! Yes she’s rich too, and on a journey of self discovery.  Lastly but not least we meet, whammy, jammy, thank you granny, Eunice, whose elderly age and honesty, will keep you laughing. Each individual might look as if they have it together, or falling apart, but they all carry dark secrets.
The poetic irony of Up your Prana, reveals how doing Yoga doesn’t mean you have it all together spiritually, just because you can bend lower than someone else, or do a handstand. No! Prana, puts all people on an equal paradigm, where we see them behind the masks of self image.

Throughout this week thematically, philosophy and meanings of life have been imminent. Which is interesting, as these themes are things people like to write about, talk about, engage discussion about. The idea of being “naked” having no masks, and being our true selves is a beautiful topic, and one I challenge you to do.

Stay free,