Countdown to…

Well, it’s literally nearly upon us.  We move into the theatre tomorrow and start rigging and getting everything in place for the a week of theatre!!  “But you haven’t introduced all the writers yet…”, I hear you cry.  I know, I know… I’m on it.  So let me introduce to you the lovely Christine Foster who submitted a short ten minute play called Winter Light.

So Christine, tell us a little bit about yourself.

C.-Foster-B-W-headshot-My family emigrated when I was child so my work has been mostly in Canada. I’ve worked in radio, TV, as a script doctor on feature films, created book and lyrics for musicals, been writer-in-residence at a lunchtime theatre and run my own youth company. I’m currently in Rottingdean producing the local Kipling Festival… and still writing.

Wow – that’s some CV.  I’ve always wanted to go to Canada but never made it yet.  Perhaps this year will be my year!  How long have you been writing plays for and what started you off writing?

I trained as an actor at the Stratford Festival, Canada and performed professionally for a few years afterward. But as soon as I was invited to join a new writing program at a Toronto theatre I made the switch. I’ve been writing plays of all sorts for (mumble mumble) years now. TV has paid the bills. The theatre is for love.

What’s that now… we didn’t quite catch that… haha!  So tell me what prompted you to write Winter Light? 

A friend recounted a conversation between two relatives debating the correct method of making a “treat” called Egg in a Cup, in the microwave. The obsessive detail they were going into, correcting each other, was very funny and I realized I could use it as a background for something a bit more serious and surreal.

Now is that some kind of cake?  Because if it is, I want the recipe?  Tell me a little bit about your process of writing?

I make lots of notes; snippets, quotes, dreams, conversations. When something grabs me I take a stab at it. At some point I try to outline what I’ve got, and shape it to see if it looks like it’s going to have enough going for it. In the end it has to be a journey someone wants to take.

Thanks Christine.  Well, if you want to see Winter Light you can catch it, this Wednesday 11th March, 7.30pm at The Place Theatre as part of StageWrite 2015.  Tickets are available online here or from the Central Box Office on 01234 718112. Make sure you book tickets early to avoid disappointment.