And introducing… Lucy Flannery

Well, StageWrite 2016 is fast approaching and, as I write this blog, I am prepping to nip off to CenterParcs for a little bit of R&R before things get really busy!!  So this week, I am thrilled to introduce Lucy Flannery, who submitted a beautiful little piece called Care, that explores family dynamics, ageing and inheritance, all from under the stars as Maggie and Philippa indulge in a spot of stargazing.

So Lucy, as usual, let’s kick of with you telling us a little bit about yourself?

LF 001I have been a professional writer for over twenty years and I have credits in radio, TV and film in addition to theatre.

Wow, so you’ve been doing this for a long time then.  How long have you been writing plays for the stage and what started you off writing?

I came relatively late to writing for the stage. I was too intimidated when I was younger. But once you start . . .  It’s incredibly addictive! There is nothing more exhilarating – or more terrifying – than live theatre.

That’s very true indeed.  So what prompted you to write the play that you submitted?

Inheritance disputes are one of those areas which spark incredibly strong emotions; everyone seems to have an anecdote about this. It was a very meaty subject matter, very satisfying to explore. Other themes which I enjoyed investigating were ageing, parent-child relationships and the grieving process.

Tell us a little bit about your process of writing?  

I do a lot of adaptations and obviously those have a very precise structure as you are effectively re-making something which already exists. With original ideas things are generally looser; I usually know broadly where I will end up, but often surprise myself en route. With all my projects however, I would echo Chaplin’s words: ‘the real work was thinking, just thinking.’

Fantastic.  Thanks so much, Lucy for chatting to us.  Is there anything else that you think readers of the blog will find interesting?

I was a core writer on the biggest crowd-sourced literary event in the UK [to date] and I am the creator of Havant Literary Festival. I don’t like Facebook much but I love Twitter and can be found there under the handle @flannersoldgirl

Thanks Lucy, that’s great.  Be sure to follow Lucy on twitter and be sure also to check out Lucy’s play Care, which will be performed on Thursday 10th March, kicking off at 7.30pm.  Tickets available online at The Place Website.