September 2019

28th September 2019 was the launch of StageWrite as a regular part of the artistic season at The Place Theatre.  We’re now able to keep submissions open throughout the year, and select two scripts for each StageWrite evening as we go.  Our double bill this time featured two plays that were in two entirely different genres and the contrast was wonderful – one audience member I spoke to afterwards said she loved both, and loved how different they were.


Stephanie Connell’s The Curious Case of Lady Fowler was a murder mystery spoof set in 1960, full of references to popular culture and with tons of opportunity for visual humour.  We absolutely thrive on that, and at points in rehearsal we couldn’t stop laughing!

L.A. Green’s Step To The Left was a beautifully structured, tight piece for two actors, charting a friendship that blossoms between a soldier and a protester.  It has a very smart twist, too…

We are back at The Place for our next offering of two more fresh new plays on Saturday 14th March.  I can’t wait!!