March 2020

Two brand new plays…one marvellous evening.  And little did we know what a close shave it’d turn out to be.

Our most recent StageWrite, on 14th March 2020, was one of the last performances to happen at The Place before lockdown.  We are immensely glad it went ahead, having worked with a wonderful cast, directors and technician to bring the plays to life in the space of just 48 hours.  Of course, the current national picture means we’re feeling that same sadness felt by so many others in arts industries, while theatres across the country are dark.  We’re remembering with huge affection the many hours we’ve spent rehearsing and performing for StageWrite events of the past, and are hopeful for a gradual return to the live setting. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of the two pieces selected for March: Man Rat Mink by Peter Eyre and Whipped by Scott Younger.

Man Rat Mink

“This is hopeless.  We should have had a plan.”  Ryan, Amy and Becca are on a rescue mission, trying to do the right thing.  The problem is, they’re doing it really, really badly.

This fast-paced comedy is based on what happens when people act on their best intentions and fail to back them up with forward planning of any kind…



Nick’s pretty smitten with new girlfriend Isy, and it looks like Isy feels the same.  Josh and Abbey, Nick’s friends since childhood, try to navigate the new dynamic in their close friendship circle.  Something tells them there’s trouble in paradise.

Thanks, as ever, to our brilliant team – cast members pictured, along with Matt Ingarfield, directors Cally and Phil, and technician Simon.  Thanks also to The Place Theatre, known to us as the home of StageWrite, and of course to our fantastic audience.

Rehearsal shot 1: Natalie Částka

Rehearsal shot 2: Joanne Mulley and Simão Vaz