2019 onwards: new look StageWrite

In 2019, StageWrite had a first: it ran four times!  Make of that what you will… (I’m not good at maths, so this kind of thing easily confuses me).

Quite simply, here’s what happened: in May, we were at The Place Theatre, where we always start.  A week later StageWrite took place at Stanley Halls in SE London.  In July, it was part of Bedfringe and in September, with two new plays, it was back as part of the autumn artistic season at The Place.

We topped this off with a full summer production of Little Shining Eyes by Poppy Hollman, which had featured at SW 2018.  Now that’s what I call a cracking year!

From 2019, StageWrite will feature in each artistic season at The Place as one evening of two new plays.  We are grateful to the marvellous team at this venue for their continued support.