We had a record number of submissions in 2016, as StageWrite went from strength to strength!

Here’s the final line up:


‘Responsible Product’ by Chris Loft – This wry comedy is the story of the way Britain works today. Or doesn’t. Something like that, anyway…

‘Care’ by Lucy Flannery – Bereaved Philippa explores ageing and her parents’ deaths whilst stargazing on a deserted hill with best friend Maggie.

‘Accident of Birth’ by Trevor Suthers – Visited by his biological mother, Anthony looks for answers to his own behaviour.

‘Odds Against’ by Adam Hughes – It’s closing time at GoBetter and Steve is about to finish his shift, or so he thought…

Phil and Lisa

‘Lions of England’ by David Weir – In 20 minutes’ time, Will Foster will be given the Lion of England award for supreme heroism.  But Will has a past.

‘Captain Wonderful’ by Mark Hibbett – In a small room the world’s greatest comics writer sits surrounded by his creations, trying to get drunk enough to meet what remains of his public.

‘Comfortable’ by Edwin Preece – In this tale of revenge, Marjorie visits Rory, the young driver who killed her son.

‘The Chat’ by Clare Knights – With her marriage at crisis point, Susan is comforted by her otherworldly chats.

Captain Wonderful 3

Rehearsal shots feature: Lisa Stenhouse; Phil Mardlin; Cally Lawrence